Welcome to OnTrack

OnTrack to Health has been designed to remove obstacles that currently limit the patient’s ability to self-manage their chronic illnesses.

OnTrack maintains the patient’s health regimen on mobile devices; leveraging the cloud to provide an accurate, real-time view of the patient’s medication list, medication adherence, and vital signs viewable to patients, clinicians, and caregivers throughout the continuum of care. By prompting patients to take the correct medications at the correct times, reporting self-care activities, delivering the right education at the right time, and providing secure messaging capabilities all on the same mobile device, patients become aware and take ownership of the variables that can significantly improve their health.

Introduction to OnTrack

The Patient Experience

Concept overview video

>> Take a brief video tour of the OnTrack concept

Dollie's story video

>> Listen to Dollie’s Story & the perspective of her care team